Looking for an opportunity to showcase your talent and take your project to the next level? Participate in the NubiaLabs awards and scholarships! All participating projects will be presented to the jury at the presentation day. The winning project will also be announced and the production award will be announced. This initiative offers a series of incredible benefits designed to support artists like you in your creative journey.


Awards and Grants

1) Free and unlimited access to Espronceda’s technical equipment: laptops, virtual reality glasses, projectors, LED screens, etc.

2) Accommodation in the residency spaces for creative artists from outside Barcelona.

3) Living expenses: 200 euros/project.

4) Final prize of 1,500 euros for the production of the project chosen by the jury.


NubiaLabs participants are obliged to disseminate the Nubia program from the moment of their selection, during their work process and after it, using labels and logos provided by the organization.

Artists must provide an executable copy of the project for Nubia, which may require its installation in a physical/virtual location, as well as deliver a memory with the description of the project and its technical description for its perfect execution.