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Incubation 2023

Nubia Lab artist community includes promising emerging artists and some well known artists working in VR, AI and other new technologies, they were participating in Nubia Lab and IMMENSIVA Residences or shows.

Marc López

Developer and digital artist, passionate about generative art and immersive experiences. In his projects, he aims to convey unique emotions and sensations to the viewer through creative coding. He has conducted various experimental exhibitions using Videomapping, where he also employs interactive visuals and pays careful attention to the sound used to create immersive audiovisual experiences.

Sandra Davis 

Musician and video artist with a strong background in economics. With nearly a decade of experience in documentary production and editing, Sandra has contributed to acclaimed projects such as ‘The Great Hack’ and ‘Another Body,’ both internationally awarded and recognized. Her passion for music led her to explore a new artistic territory. Under the name ‘Pecas,’ Sandra merges her musical skills with her deep knowledge of visual art to create unique and multidisciplinary experiences.

Esen Küçüktütüncü 

Documentary filmmaker, visual artist, and researcher. She earned her BA from Bahçeşehir University with a thesis on “Obsol-escence: Pursuit of Rewriting One’s Past”. Following the exhibition Ayn-ı Galip (2019), she transitioned to producing works in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Her piece “Disintegrate” was showcased in +D as part of the Virtual Museum Project during Sonar Istanbul 2020. Esen completed her master’s in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media at UPF and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. on Social Virtual Environments at UB.

Carlos García Reche 

Graduate in Composition from the Conservatori Liceu. He has worked on audiovisual projects as a composer ( El Nuevo Orden , a 50min horror genre medium-length film ) and currently collaborates as a Sound Designer in an OblitArts project (2D video game). He has premiered solo, chamber, orchestral and mixed electronic works. He is currently studying a Master’s degree at Enti, completing his training in music production and integration of music and sound for video games with middleware tools (Wwise and FMOD) obtaining high marks.

Francisco Macía 

Interdisciplinary researcher, developer, and audio. He has a degree in Psychology from Glasgow University and a Master’s in VR & Game Development from the Glasgow School of Art. His work lies at the intersection between neuropsychology, application development, and sound. He is currently working as a developer and researcher in a psychology lab that studies immersion and embodiment in VR.

Niall Hill

Creative producer and writer, specialising in virtual reality and interactive storytelling. He has worked on award-winning VR and digital projects, including Doctor Who: The Runaway (BBC); Space Descent VR (Science Museum); and People Just Do Nothing VR (BBC). He is currently writing a TV comedy series, and a cosmic horror audio anthology – both of which explore the unconscious in its absurd and profound aspects.

Franco Belli 

Composer, improviser, and musician with two solo albums. He has worked in various styles, from jazz-rock to electronic and experimental music. Currently, he is recording his third album exploring irregular metrics and forms inspired by songs, electronics, and improvisation. He believes that the metaverse offers broader sensory possibilities than conventional reality and can challenge the dual dream-wake vision, promoting creativity.

Gabriel Schubert

Composer and producer of contemporary and electronic music, with ongoing research in the field of experimental music