Nubia Lab Metaverse Navas

The NUBIA Lab Metavers Navas project aims to enable residents of the Navas neighborhood to propose and visualize improvements for their environment through a liminal space, which involves the use of a physical portal and the Metaverse, accessible through virtual reality. NUBIA Lab has organized a series of workshops with 5 participants who have made several proposals to enhance the Navas and Sant Andreu neighborhood. These workshops allowed participants to create an RV platform to develop an interactive virtual environment based on neighborhood improvement. Among its goals were: the enhancement of public spaces, promotion of local culture, sustainable mobility, support for small local businesses, improved safety, and the integration of technology in art and culture.

The Navas Metaverse project facilitates the improvement of the Navas neighborhood in an interactive and collaborative manner. By the end of the day, the Metaverse will be composed of a multitude of ideas proposed by the residents, which can be presented to the city council for consideration and possible implementation. This initiative combines advanced technology, citizen participation, and creativity, aiming for a positive and significant impact on the community. Nubia Lab Metaverso Navas aims to position itself as a unique program in the city and a model to be followed for implementation in other neighborhoods.

Discover the outcome of these workshops and join us on this exciting journey!