About us

NUBIA LAB INCUBACIÓ is an incubation program for local creatives/artists to help the development of innovative projects while they are tutored and invited to workshops in the technological and artistic fields by various mentors. After completing the program, they will hold an exhibition of their projects and a selection of curated projects will be made. Thus, the projects will have the opportunity to join the platform located at www.nubia.world.
This program would not be possible without the participation of the following organizers:


Institute of Art and Culture. It is a center for artistic and cultural research and dissemination based in Barcelona. It has exhibition spaces, workshop areas and accommodation for residents.


Platform, managed by Espronceda, for creation and innovation in projects that explore immersion, interaction and gamification through the participation of interdisciplinary, art-driven teams working with advanced technologies (VR, XR, AI, 3D sound, real-time scanners, sensors, robotics and many others). The projects are highly experimental and socially engaged because IMMENSIVA wants to generate community impact and innovation value. The network and the partnership with international institutions are building the strength of the platform to attract talent and generate opportunities for the creation of startups and the international promotion of the developed projects.


NUBIA (NFTs Universe in the Blockchain for International Artists) is a new platform launched by IMMENSIVA. Invited artists explore the creation of Metaverses and the generation of new experiences. Those proposals, between the physical and the digital, connect with the blockchain economy, through the generation of NFTs associated with digital artistic works and physical works. The Metaverses proposed by the artists have their own rules, they use gamification, immersion and interaction to invite collectors, visitors and experts to become part of the immensity of NUBIA and to experience, interact and socialize in new worlds inhabited by carefully selected artworks, and fantastic avatars.