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Projects 2023 Edition

Discover the most prominent artistic projects driven by our incubation program.

Bittersweet Symphony 

An immersive sound experience that maps realtime climate data to sound. By translating realtime climate data into sound, the project aims to bridge the gap between detached awareness and a profound, personal encounter with the effects of global warming. The project will collect Air Quality API Data from AQICN.ORG, focusing on the top 20 hottest cities in the world.

Nubia Lab 2023 Residency Project: Sandra Davis


Interactive exhibition where spectators can create unique abstract art pieces by following some contemporary artist styles such as Pet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock or Kazimir Malevich. By using Mediapipe’s AI model, a webcam tracks user’s hand’s movements and gestures in order to create art without touching any brush or physical element.

Nubia Lab 2023 Residency Project: Marc López


Interactive experiment on spatial sound and the sense of orientation, inviting attendees to align themselves with the Earth’s cardinal points – using their phones as antennas – to create collaborative soundscapes. The installation involves working with binaural auditory environments, audio-reactive projections, and a performance that reacts to the sounds generated by the attendees. The collective installation represents an immersive exploration of sound, connection, and the human panorama.

Nubia Lab 2023 Residency Project: Esen Küçüktütüncü, Carlos García Reche, Francisco Macía, Niall Hill, Franco Belli, Gabriel Schuber